Referral Program Details


If Design Build Dwell hires someone or enters into a Contract to Remodel with someone who learned about our services and opportunities based on a referral, we will pay the referring party $500 or $1000 respectively or donate the same amount ($500 for employment referrals and $1000 for remodeling referrals) to one of the local non-profits that we support. All charitable giving will be made by Design Build Dwell in honor of the referring party and, therefore, will not be available to the referring party as a tax deduction.

Prospective clients and candidates for employment are given the opportunity to notify us that they learned about our company through a referral during initial consultations with Design Build Dwell. To qualify for a referral gift, the referring party must be personally named at this time (so be sure they mention your name!) It is the responsibility of the referring party and prospective clients/employee to notify us that learned about the position through a referral and provide the information necessary for Design Build Dwell to contact the referring party.

Within four weeks of entering into a Contract to Remodel with a referred homeowner or hiring a referred employee, the referred party will be contacted to gather the information necessary to process their referral gift.

Please know that decisions to enter into a Contract to Remodel and to hire are in no way effected by who the prospective client/candidate may have been referred by our any other aspect of our referral program.