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Feel secure in your decision-making.

As one of Denver’s top design/build firms for over 35 years, we recognize the mix of excitement and overwhelm that comes with embarking on a home remodel journey. The quest to create a timeless and captivating design can quickly become daunting and even paralyzing when faced with countless decisions day after day. 

That’s why we created an empowering support system to fuel your journey from the very beginning. 

Rather than rushing into any sort of agreement, we invest ample time into understanding your unique personality, taste and lifestyle to curate a personalized remodel plan for your needs and desires. We provide a nurturing environment for you to explore possibilities, weigh choices and embark on your home remodel journey with confidence. 

Whether you ultimately choose us as your contractor or decide to explore other options, we want you to feel empowered and secure in your decision-making.

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Here to Help You Find Where to Begin

You have decided it is time to remodel, but you’re confused as to where to begin.  But most of all you want to avoid the pain of out-of-control costs, projects taking much longer than promised, and negative contractor experiences.

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The great news is Design-Build Dwell has reimagined the remodeling process and eliminated pain by simply helping you to break your decision-making down to the Quality of Work and the Quality of Your Experience. By looking at them individually your decision-making becomes much easier.

To help your decision-making, we have created tools to help you discover whether or not your remodeling team has the ability to provide the quality workmanship you need, and more importantly, can they provide the quality experience you deserve.

Our ECAP tool helps evaluate a team’s remodeling experience levels and the teams’ abilities to foresee potential remodeling challenges before they crop up.  If a team has limited experience, the challenges that should have been anticipated will pop up, costing you more money in the end.

Our LEPIE tool helps evaluate the 5 key elements that determine how well a team will be able to take care of you your family and your belongings.  The more depth they have in each of these 5 elements, the better the care they can provide.

These tools are great at evaluating qualities, but their real power is their ability to help you ask the right questions of your remodeling candidate and their references. For instance, you can ask if they have a Communication Plan in place. You can then ask their references if the team had an effective Communication Plan that kept all parties informed throughout the reference’s project.

Do not worry that you are unfamiliar with ECAP and LEPIE; Design Build Dwell provides much more in-depth explanations and ways to use them on our Learning Hub Page under ECAP and LEPIE.  Just know they are great tools to help define and discover qualities needed to provide you an exceptional remodeling project.


Planning to Not Go Over Budget

Planning is an extremely important factor when it comes to keeping remodeling costs under control, but the reality is it’s 3rd on the list of 5 major factors.

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Design Build Dwell has identified the 5 Major factors that contribute to the success or failure of remodeling cost controls. 

Discovery– Combination of a remodeling team’s observation skills and an uncovering process to explore your remodel goals.

Ability to Anticipate-Remodeling team’s ability to draw from past experience to inform the future of your project.

Planning – Establishing goals and procedures based on your team’s Ability to Anticipate and findings from the Discover phase.

Project management coordination – Ability to take the initiative and execute professional project coordination and management with exceptional leadership, communication, and time management skills.

Changes – Altering the original plan or scope of work.

The strength of Your remodeling team in the Discovery Phase and their Ability to Anticipate challenges are key to identifying and controlling costs upfront before the project ever starts.  It’s here where the more experienced teams excel, making the Planning and Project Management Coordination phases go much smoother and in turn lessening the need for costly changes later in the project.

Every project has its own unique set of challenges and solutions therefore the more experience a team has had with various projects over the years, the more tried and tested solutions they can bring to your project.  Having a team with a wealth of experiences to draw from provides a vision to navigate a remodeling path of least resistance.


Remodeling disruptions, not good, not bad, but necessary

Disruptions are a fact of life when it comes to remodeling your home. However, who you choose as a remodeling team and how they work has a great deal to do with the type of disruptions you will have to endure.

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Remodeling Disruptions come in two forms.  One brings unnecessary pain because of poor planning and lack of experience, while the other can bring a positive change to your life and an innovative design to your home.

Even with positive and beautiful outcomes, disruptions are messy, uncomfortable, and unavoidable.  Your new creative space, with its comfort, style, and happiness for you and your family, will help take the edge off the temporary discomfort of needed disruptions.

Just know that it is a positive disruption, designed to pull us out of a comfort zone to move you forward.  Your new creative space, with its comfort, style, and happiness for you and your family, will help take the edge off the temporary discomfort of needed disruptions.


Clear Communication so You are never Left in the Dark

Clear communication is what you’d expect during your remodeling project. It’s vital so you remain secure in the process and nothing falls through the cracks. But what does such a plan look like?

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At Design Build Dwell clear communication starts with a structured communication plan that is provided by your remodeling team.

A clear remodeling communication plan lays out:

Who the key stakeholders are that need to be communicated with: i.e., clients, project members, sub-contractors, vendors, delivery teams, etc.

What is to be communicated: plan documents, estimates, schedules, updates, etc.

How they are going to be communicated with i.e., text, email, phone, portal, etc.

When to communicate i.e., times of the day, daily, weekly, monthly, or milestones.

The benefits of a solid communication schedule:

Creates a structured framework for all stakeholders to easily manage the complexities of a remodeling project.

Allows management of the various nuances and challenges of individual projects to anticipate future moves to keep your project on track and on budget.

Simplifies collaboration with you the client and amongst other stakeholders.

Management of the little things so nothing falls through the cracks.

The major benefit of clear communication is you are well taken care of.


We Continue to Care even after Your Remodel is done

A significant step in the remodeling process is what happens after the remodel is complete.  If you discover you’re a bit overwhelmed or a few adjustments or calibrations need to occur, it’s vital to know what the follow-up plan will be. Design Build Dwell continues to care even after your remodel is done.

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Here are several services we offer because we care and understand that you may questions after we leave.

  • Final Cleaning
  • Final walkthrough
  • Compiled touch up kits
  • Touch up service for move-in damage
  • Scheduled times for adjustments (if needed)
  • Compiled parts and warrantee book
  • Compiled list of Use and Care Classes and Seminars

Design Build Dwell will be there when you need us.

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