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The Way Remodeling Should Be

The Way Remodeling Should Be, is the statement that best sums up what our clients feel about the reimagined remodeling process of DESIGN • BUILD • DWELL. A process that eliminates the negative aspects that have become the norm in the remodeling industry.

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Here to Help You Find Where to Begin

You have decided it is time to remodel, but you’re confused as to where to begin. But most of all you want to avoid the pain of out-of-control costs, projects taking much longer than promised, and negative contractor experiences.

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Planning to Not Go Over Budget

Planning is an extremely important factor when it comes to keeping remodeling costs under control, but the reality is it’s 3rd on the list of 5 major factors.

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Remodeling disruptions, not good, not bad, but necessary

Disruptions are a fact of life when it comes to remodeling your home. However, who you choose as a remodeling team and how they work has a great deal to do with the type of disruptions you will have to endure.

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Clear Communication so You are never Left in the Dark

Clear communication is what you’d expect during your remodeling project. It’s vital so you remain secure in the process and nothing falls through the cracks. But what does such a plan look like?

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We Continue to Care even after Your Remodel is done

A significant step in the remodeling process is what happens after the remodel is complete.  If you discover you’re a bit overwhelmed or a few adjustments or calibrations need to occur, it’s vital to know what the follow-up plan will be. Design Build Dwell continues to care even after your remodel is done.

Let’s Build Something

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