Additions to the Home Styles & Costs

Mar 30, 2021

There are numerous ways to add square footage and value to your home from a single room bump-out to a full pop-top addition (a Denver term for adding a second story to a single-story home).

Whether you are looking to add on another bedroom for a growing family, an office for working at home or another space for value, adding an addition to your home can be a great investment.


As you are probably aware there is not a commonality between these types of projects.  The usual first impression is that additions are a simple low-cost solution for adding space, but a few factors need to be considered before proceeding. Denver has strict planning guidelines to adhere to along with architectural and structural design changes needed to create a seamless blending of old and new.  We have provided basic pricing and timeline ranges below as a starting point to help you with your budget.  More realistic costs and timelines are honed to a Guaranteed Cost and Guaranteed Timeline with our 3-step process of:

Consultation (Free)

Initial Design Phase

Full Design Phase

Additions to the Home

Design Phases: typically 4-6 months

Permitting: typically 4-5 months

Construction: typically 6-12 months

Additions to the Home | Starting $450 per square foot & Up.

Updating an outmoded 200-square-foot kitchen, keeping the current layout with only minor changes to electrical and plumbing.  Replacing existing with semi-custom wood cabinets, countertops, upgraded sink/faucet, energy-efficient appliances, flooring, and other finishes.