U.I.V.P The 4 Elements Defined

by | Apr 28, 2021

U - Understanding

V - Value

I - Interactive

P - Professionalism

The greatest power of these 4 Elements is when you as a Client need a Service Provider to see why you are the Preferred Customer they want to work with. From there it is a simple conversation to help you determine and define your power as a valued Customer. If you understand and can perform to the standards you have set with your defined values.

Understanding = A basic understanding of the challenge and possible outcome need to be achieved.


  1. Possess specific knowledge or understanding to articulate and develop objectives for your project
  2. Possess ability to articulate a process and/or solution(s) for project
  3. Possess skills and/or resources to help provide solutions and standards specific to your project
  4. Possess judgment to advise on your project’s main direction or outcomes

Value = Appreciation of various contributions.


  1. Value other’s expertise
  2. Value others time with punctuality
  3. Value other’s efforts
  4. Value others as equal

Interactive = Continual engagement in the process with input and feedback about the direction of your project


  1. Timeliness with additional research or changes
  2. Pertinent feedback
  3. Remains engaged with the process and other participants
  4. Commitment to collaborate

Professionalism = Possess a set of standards and expectations appropriate for the situation of the project.


  1. Professional appearance, conduct, and keeping personal views in check
  2. Takes personal responsibility for character, actions, and performance
  3. Takes responsibility for their part
  4. Appropriate reaction to project challenges