L.E.P.I.E. [lee-pee] The 5 Elements Defined

by | Apr 27, 2021

L - Labor

E - Expertise

P - Professionalism

I - Infrastructure

E - End Result

The greatest power of these 5 Elements is when both you and a Service Provider can see where you place your values for a project. From there it’s a simple conversation to help you determine if a Service Provider can perform to the standards you’ve set with your defined values.

Labor = Was able to provide the activity or service required of the position, situation, or project.


  1. Labor required to define or design scope of project
  2. Labor required to prepare for the project
  3. Labor for the actual project
  4. Labor to clean up or to close out the project

Expertise = Possessed the Special skill, knowledge, or judgment needed to help with a specific project.


  1. Price Calculation
  2. 6. Price Details
  3. Definition of Project Items
  4. Final Project Price Accountability

Professionalism = Possessed a set of standards and expectations appropriate for the situation of the project.


  1. Respects professional environment with appearance, conduct and keeping personal views kept in check
  2. Valued time with punctuality and appreciation of others time and effort
  3. Takes personal responsibility for character, actions and performance
  4. Possessed ability to set work standards and intensions

Infrastructure = Underlying framework or features of an individual or organization needed for the operation of a project.


  1. Possessed a system to define needs/process, pricing, accountabilities and agreements
  2. Possessed a scheduling system to deliver services
  3. Possessed people, factory, tools or equipment to deliver services
  4. Possessed a communication structure to deliver services

End Result = The final outcome This might be considered the experience of the client


  1. The specified goal or objective was achieved?
  2. The quality of work met the agreed upon standards?
  3. Goals and objective were met with integrity?
  4. The overall performance was efficiently executed?