Outdoor Living Spaces Styles & Costs

Mar 29, 2021

Luxury outdoor living is fast becoming one of the more popular additions for families looking to take advantage of Colorado’s outdoor-oriented lifestyle. And with events of the past year in mind, more are looking to include amenities such as pools or outdoor gyms that promote physical activity for a more sustainable way of living.

300 days of sunshine offers a great many opportunities to be outdoors with new designs and technologies adding to those opportunities with retractable walls, fire-features and heat floor to help take the edge of those crisp winter days and nights.

Other amenities include:

  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Covered areas
  • Heated floors for comfort and snow removal
  • Workout facilities
  • Outdoor theater and media area
  • ADU’s (Accessory Dwellings Units) for Offices, crafts, and studios
  • Message areas
  • Spas & whirlpools
  • Heated seating
  • Designed cooking, grilling, and oven options
  • Yard space for multiple family activities
  • Infrared heating
  • Suite for parents


You are probably aware there is not a commonality between homes, so we provide pricing and timeline ranges below as a starting point to help you with your budget.  More realistic costs and timelines are honed to a Guaranteed Cost and Guaranteed Timeline with our 3-step process of:

Consultation (Free)

Initial Design Phase

Full Design Phase

Outdoor Living Remodeling

Design Phases: typically 3-6 months

Permitting: typically 2-5 months

Construction: typically 4-9 months

Outdoor Living Spaces | Starting between  200,000 – $400,000 & Up

Updating an outmoded 200-square-foot kitchen, keeping the current layout with only minor changes to electrical and plumbing.  Replacing existing with semi-custom wood cabinets, countertops, upgraded sink/faucet, energy-efficient appliances, flooring, and other finishes.