Whole House Remodel Styles & Costs

Mar 29, 2021

In today’s housing market, when it is time for major changes in where and how you want to live; most choose sustainability and love as the two driving factors for choosing to stay and remodel your entire home.

The big debate as to which provides greater sustainability; building a new home vs. remodeling an existing, the answer very much depends on the level of renovation, but most experts agree, staying put is usually your greenest option.

There is usually no debating a move when you have an emotional tie to your home, your neighborhood and the memories captured within.

While some Whole House Remodels create significant change throughout the home, not all projects require the entire home to be renovated.  Some projects choose various combinations of rooms and areas to be remodeled. Such as:

Option 1

Reconfiguration of main level including moving the kitchen location.

Finishing of the basement for Lower-Level Living

Option 2

Reconfiguration of the main level including moving the kitchen location.

Expanding a master suite into an existing unused bedroom.

Option 3

Major kitchen renovation including adjacent rooms,

Tying indoor living to Outdoor

Complete exterior facelift including door and window replacements and expansions.

Other possible combinations are endless.


You are probably aware there is not a commonality between homes, so we provide pricing and timeline ranges below as a starting point to help you with your budget.  More realistic costs and timelines are honed to a Guaranteed Cost and Guaranteed Timeline with our 3-step process of:

Consultation (Free)

Initial Design Phase

Full Design Phase

Whole House Remodel

Design Phases: typically 3-6 months

Permitting: typically 3-5 months

Construction: typically 4-9 months

Whole House Remodels | Starting between $500,000 – $600,000 & Up.

Updating an outmoded 200-square-foot kitchen, keeping the current layout with only minor changes to electrical and plumbing.  Replacing existing with semi-custom wood cabinets, countertops, upgraded sink/faucet, energy-efficient appliances, flooring, and other finishes.